Sunday, March 25, 2012

Microphone Array Beamformer Demo

Hi all, so for the better part of a year now, I have been working on designing and building an FPGA-based delay-and-sum microphone array beamformer. I have finally gotten a prototype working and have a quick demonstration in the video below. I will be posting more documentation on this project in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


  1. Hey, cool beans, nice job. I've been tinkering with phased arrays for a while at home for fun, I made a super crude acoustic beamforming transmitter that uses 10 piezo transducers to steer a "click" or tone in a direction determined by the position of a pot. It worked reasonably well and used nothing but an Arduino Pro Mini (something like $15) and about $10 worth of transducers, nothing else but wire. I haven't written it up or done a YouTube video for it yet, maybe I will some time. Currently I'm working towards an acoustic camera though: a mic array records sound, and then a computer renders a movie of the sound response as seen through an acoustic camera with arbitrary field of view and resolution. The code is super crazy slow but it's coming along well and should make some cool images once I give it a good mic array.

    I'm just getting into FPGAs too. I probably won't use them for the acoustic camera (unless it's maybe as an interface to connect all my ADCs up to an SD card), the processing requirements are too ridiculous. Very cool though.

    Anyway, it's great to see amateurs working on phased array technology! It seems like it's underutilized in the hobby/amateur world.

  2. Cool stuff. I was wondering. Are you using any windowing in the array or just delay and sum (rectangular window)?

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