Saturday, March 9, 2013


It has been a long time since my last post, but recently I have been working on a new project with the Stanford Robotics Club. I am designing nano-quadrocopters which are both low-cost and easily replicable. With the boom of quadrocopters in the DIY community, I still have not seen many which are very cheap and easily built for applications like swarm robotics. Hence this project's goal is to design quadrocopters that are cheap (under $50) and easily built (3D-printed base). My hope is after, I can build many of these quads and experiment with things like swarm robotics but more on that later.

I have just finished ordering all of the parts for the quadrocopter and the BOM is promising ($33.11). I hope to get a prototype up and running in the coming weeks. Now I just have to wait for the parts to arrive and in the meantime begin coding the stabilization software.

Look out for more posts with my progress. And check out the schematic and PCB for the main controller below.

The first revision PCB

First revision schematic

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